’67 alumni pass on knowledge through historical panel

Members of the BSN class of 1967 came to SON to participate in a historical panel for first year students in a class taught by Pat Gingrich. These alumni panels offer new nursing students an important perspective on the history of the school and offer a chance for them to interact with experienced nurses.

Panel members Nancy Crutchfield, Susan Spalt and Vivian Varner encouraged the students to take part of organizations. Crutchfield related the importance of having backing from others is needed for change to occur. “The solo voice in nothing like the collaborative,” she said.

When responding to the question “Why nursing?” Varner explained that doctors look for the cure while nurses take care. She said that nurses first look at how to manage illness and then identify the illness.

Other advice included following your heart and being prepared for unexpected changes as well as the importance of collaborative practice and patient-centered care.

Crutchfield was a school nurse and has a Master of Public Health in Public Health Practice and Leadership from UNC. Spalt has a Master of Public Health in Maternal & Child Health from UNC and is a Retired Health Coordinator. Varner is a retired oncology nurse with a MSN from UNC.