Your Generosity, A Bit of Kindness

The UNC School of Nursing is renowned for educating the best nurses, ensuring their success in the classroom and in their chosen field of practice. Sometimes, ensuring that success involves assisting students with unforeseen, and often very challenging, circumstances.

As you may remember, the costs associated with earning a Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) are substantially higher than those of the average student earning a bachelor’s degree at UNC. Along with tuition and books, nursing students have the added expenses of clinicals, the health and safety protocols associated with them, and of course uniforms. While these costs are expected, students must also combine them with paying for childcare expenses, extensive travel to and from clinical sites and finding the time and money to eat three square meals a day. For many students, finances become a major issue. And when the unthinkable happens, the additional burden can become more than just an obstacle to completing the program. It can be the reason a student has to drop out.

Your gift to the SON can help prevent this. Short term loans to deal with emergencies, and other student assistance programs were put in place by School of Nursing donors to keep the next generation of nurses in school. During this season of giving, will you join them by making a gift today at giving.unc.edu/gift/son? Your generosity can help a student stay in school and fulfill their dream of becoming a Carolina Nurse.

Give a bit of Kindness Today!

Did you know…

  • Approximately 58% of SON undergraduates receive federal aid or are awarded scholarships.
  • Costs related to the NCLEX licensure exam aren’t covered by financial aid.
  • BSN students report having debt of up $58,000 after graduation, the average debt is $20,000.
  • 30% of BSN students are independent and don’t receive support from their family.
  • Travel to clinical sites can require students to travel up to 75 miles round trip two to three times a week.