SON Alum Organizes Sold Out Screening for The American Nurse Project

Recent SON graduate and Melinda Kellner Brock Public Health Nursing Scholar Audrey Boyles, BSN ’13, was eager to bring The American Nurse, a documentary film produced by the The American Nurse Project to North Carolina. As a nurse in the Burn Unit at UNC Health Care, she sees the difference quality care can make in people’s lives. “I am a witness to extreme human vulnerability every day,” Audrey said. “But I see more than vulnerability. I see incredible strength.”

The film tells the stories of five nurses who are caring for patients across the country. From a nurse who works with prisoners in a maximum-security prison to a nurse caring for the elderly in rural Wisconsin, the documentary captures both the challenges and the triumphs nurses experience as they help patients manage their health.

With some assistance from Distinguished Associate Professor Sheila Santacroce and the North Carolina Nurses Association, Audrey put together an exclusive premiere of the film on July 9th at the Carmike Wynnsong Theatre in Durham. Interest was so strong, Audrey said they had to open a second theater to accommodate the 322 people who came to see the film.

If you missed out on a chance to see the film, stay tuned. The UNC Association of Nursing Students is planning to organize screenings at the SON during the school year.

Organizer Audrey Boyles (right) caught up with Interim Dean Donna Havens at the screening.