Scholarship Established In Memory of M.L. Reynolds Gray

Marjorie Louise Reynolds Gray

Alum and SON Foundation Board Director P. Allen Gray, Jr., (MSN ’73) has created an endowed scholarship to honor the life and career of his mother, Marjorie Louise Reynolds Gray. The scholarship will be awarded to graduate nursing students.

As a nurse, Marjorie touched many lives throughout her long career. She graduated from the Anson Sanitorium School of Nursing in 1940. During the early years of her career, she cared for people as a hospital and operating room nurse. When she started raising a family, she began working as a private duty nurse so that she could focus on individual patients. During that time, she maintained a tradition of giving a silver dollar to every newborn baby whose mother she had provided care for during labor and delivery.

Following several years as an office nurse working with Dr. Robert Davis, MD, Marjorie transitioned into public health nursing. The North Carolina Public Health Association honored her for her contributions to the State Childhood Immunization Program in 1981 with the Samuel Katz Award. After more than four decades of practice, Marjorie retired from nursing in 1983 as the Director of Nursing at the Anson County Health Department.

Intelligent and perceptive, Majorie always handled challenging medical or interpersonal situations with dignity and grace. She instilled strength of character, as well as the ability to identify and do the right thing, in everyone she met. Majorie’s hard work contributed to the well-being of all people and continues to do so through the public service provided by her children. The scholarship is a tribute to her life, and through the students supported by these funds Majorie’s legacy of service will continue to grow.