Center for Lifelong Learning Programs Fall 2012 and Spring 2013

Child Abuse and Neglect: Saving Children’s Lives through Recognition and Response – November 9, 2012

Did you know that all adults in North Carolina are required by law to report suspected child abuse or neglect? Throughout the state, thousands of children suffer from unreported abuse or neglect because the adults in their lives do not know how to respond or do not respond adequately. According to a 2008 survey by Safe Horizons, more than one in four Americans reported having been in a situation where they suspected a child was being abused but did not intervene. Sadly, children who suffer untreated abuse or neglect suffer lifelong consequences to their physical and mental health. Join us at this life-saving conference to develop the skills and knowledge you need to identify and respond to vulnerable children.

Registration Fee $179
RN Scholarship Fee $119 – If available, open to all RNs so register early

Pharmacology Update – December 7, 2012

Our annual Pharmacology Update program is designed to help you keep up with these medication changes, featuring treatment and pharmacology experts speaking on a variety of topics each year. This year’s program will include updates in:

• contraception and family planning,
• medication usage in the elderly (including updates to Beers’ criteria, antipsychotic usage, polypharmacy, and dose adjustment),
• common gastroenterology complaints and treatments,
• new medications being directly advertised to consumers—including new weight loss drugs, sleep medications, and other commonly requested medications.

Registration Fee $189
RN Scholarship Fee $119 – If available, open to all RNs so register early

Writing for Publication – January 13, 2013

The Workshop on Writing for Publication is designed to help both new and experienced writers develop articles that excite and inspire readers. We will begin the morning by discussing writing as a process–with all its pangs and pleasures; then we’ll look at the organization of several different types of articles; and the morning will conclude with a description of the real work of writing—revision. In the afternoon we will discuss the fine points of writing—grammar and style, and look at the process of getting into print. Throughout the day, you will benefit from tips on choosing a topic, getting started, finding the time to continue, editing and polishing, and navigating the channels for publication.

Registration Fee $169
RN Scholarship Fee $109 – If available, open to all RNs so register early

2nd Annual Cardiovascular Update 2013 – January 25, 2013

This fast-paced program will provide nurses, nurse practitioners, and other clinicians with a full day of the latest and most critical updates in the treatment of patients with cardiovascular disease. Emphasis will be placed on primary and secondary prevention of stroke and heart attack, with discussion of:

• atrial fibrillation,
• hypertension,
• dyslipidemia,
• peripheral arterial disease, and
• new guidelines for sexual activity in cardiac patients.

Hear about the Million Hearts Initiative, the latest screening tools, and how nurses and NPs can make a difference in their own practices and communities by taking steps to prevent heart attacks and strokes. Our lineup of speakers include nurse practitioners and nurse educators who bring a wealth of hands-on experience caring for patients with cardiovascular disease, as well as exceptional teaching skills.

Register early! This conference will likely sell out!

Registration Fee $189
RN Scholarship Fee $129 – If available, open to all RNs so register early

Excellence in Nursing Leadership – February 1, 2013
Maternity Care – March 1, 2013
24th Annual PACU & Ambulatory Surgery Conference – March 16, 2013

Psychiatric Mental Health for Nurses Institute 2013 – April 26, 2013

Nurse Bullying in the Workplace – April 12, 2013
Joint and Soft Tissue Injection Workshop – Date TBD

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