Students take Service Learning Trip to Honduras

Students get ready for their trip to Honduras.

A team of 22 nursing students and volunteers traveled to Honduras over Spring Break to participate in the UNC Service Learning Trip. Support from Compassion Med International and MedWorld allowed the team to take more than $6,000 worth of vitamins, anti-parasitic medications and other medical supplies to Honduran clinics.

On clinical days, students worked with medical providers, seeing more than 1,000 patients over the course of the week. They also did well-child screenings on more than 100 children, delivered food packets to shacks with no electricity or running water and visited a public hospital, where they delivered equipment and supplies and passed out beanie babies and toys in the pediatric ward. It felt like Christmas for Dr. Elmor Mejia when the team loaded his truck with three large suitcases filled with supplies that would allow him to keep his clinic up and running.

The trip was an eye-opening experience for the students and volunteers, who were amazed by the spirit and strength of all of the Hondurans they met.