This Summer at SON: Institutes and Courses

6- 9 Qualitative Analysis 1:Empirical/Analytical Methods
Margarete Sandelowski, PhD, RN, FAAN 

13-16 Developing Competitive Intervention Studies
Merle Mishel, PhD, FAAN; Sue Thoyre, PhD, RN 

20-24 Writing Research Grants
Sandra Funk, PhD, FAAN; Elizabeth Tornquist, MA, FAAN 

11-14 16thAnnual Institute in Qualitative Research: Mixed-Methods Research
Margarete Sandelowski, PhD, RN, FAAN; Mi-Kyung Song, PhD, RN 

18-21 Family Research: Conceptual & Methodological Issues
Kathleen Knafl, PhD, FAAN; Marcia Van Riper, PhD, RN 

25-28 Qualitative Analysis 2: Phenomenological & Narrative/Discourse Methods
Margarete Sandelowski, PhD, RN, FAAN 

25-29 Outcomes Measurement
Mary R. Lynn, PhD, RN; Richard W. Redman, PhD, RN 

25-29 Researching Health Policies to Advocate for Change
Diane Kjervik, JD, RN, FAAN 

1-5 Instrumentation: Development, Testing, & Revision
Mary R. Lynn, PhD, RN 

For more information on Summer Courses and Institutes call the Center for Lifelong Learning at (919) 966-3638 or visit http://nursing.cll.unc.edu/schedule.php?ce=INST