Doctoral Student Receives Scholarship

Leslie Davis, BSN ′85 and MSN ′89

SON Doctoral student Leslie Davis (BSN ′85 and MSN ′89) has received the Sanofi-Aventis 2010 Nurse Practitioner Doctoral Student Scholarship from the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Foundation. The scholarship will help pay for dissertation-related expenses such as software for data analysis and consultation with faculty at the H. W. Odum Institute for Research in Social Science at UNC.

Davis’s dissertation is a qualitative research project in which she is investigating why women who experience symptoms of acute coronary syndrome delay going to the hospital. Traditionally, this delay is viewed as a deliberate decision to forego seeking care, but Davis is using Dr. Merle Mishel’s Theory of Uncertainty to examine the role uncertainty plays in the process. Through face-to-face interviews Davis will explore how and why women interpret symptoms in certain ways, how they manage uncertainty during acute illness, and how uncertainty around relinquishing their responsibilities while experiencing acute symptoms may influence their decision to seek care.