Dean Swanson Comments on Bush’s Miscarriage

In a story on Time.com, UNC Chapel Hill School of Nursing Dean Kristen Swanson Dean Kristen Swanson_preferredheadshotcommented on George W. Bush talking about the miscarriage his mother had when he was a teenager:

“Let’s put ourselves in Barbara Bush’s position,” says Kristen Swanson, the study’s lead investigator and a nurse who is also dean of the nursing school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC). “She’s home, bleeding, cramping and passes the fetus. She scoops it up, puts it in a jar and says, Drive me to the hospital. She says to her son, I’m in the middle of a miscarriage, and this is the fetus that I just passed. There is nothing sinister in this.”

Dean Swanson is an expert on miscarriage and how couples respond emotionally to it. She began her work on miscarriage 25 years ago with her dissertation, “The Unborn One: A Profile of The Human Experience of Miscarriage,” and has continued studying this area both as an investigator and as a consultant to other researchers’ works.

Read more of Dean Swanson’s comments in the time.com article: George W. Bush, His Mom and Her Fetus: Not So Weird After All.